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Our Services

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Collaboration & Teamwork

Promote collaboration and improve teamwork in your organization. Give your users the right tools for the job.

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Cloud Solutions

Taking the next step either by moving your business to the cloud or building an hybrid solution using Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

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Data Analytics

Dive into Data Analytics, listen to what your business is telling you in order to drive it to the next level.

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Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to your advantage and have it do your manual work, it'll do it better and faster. Speed up your business processes while saving time and money.

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Business Processes

Optimize your outdated and inneffient processes with state of the art technology. Give your business the performance it deserves.

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Need help troubleshooting, identifying bottlenecks or fine tuning your system? We'll be happy to help you!

About Us

SPEX was born in 2016 in Luxembourg, however the begining of this project dates back to 2012. We had the vision of creating something different, not just another IT company. We wanted to create a brand, an image that our clients can associate to what we do best and to the quality of the products that we deliver.

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